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Default Re: Should Khan have been stopped in round 6

Originally Posted by AAA
Technically when Khan went down on his knees again once the count was on the Ref could have stopped it there and then...surely that is a sign the boxer is far from ok?

Well done to Khan for the comeback though. Willie totally burnt himself out trying to find the KO punch without getting anywhere near it for the remainder of the round.

Shame that someone as talented as Khan would now appear to have a very weak jaw though...not much training you can do to change that!
Not really, he was clearly confused by his corner. This is called experience. In future he will take an 8 count and not risk getting stopped because of a muddle up.

Khans jaw doesn't appear legendary but you damn right training can improve that. Khan has loads of improvement to do and is far from the finished article. It still is his 13th bout.
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