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Default Re: Chad Dawson is making a big mistake...again!

Sometimes the pride of a fighter makes them set the issue with their trainers, instead of themselves, when they come up short. I think that's all this is. You convince yourself it's not you. I think it's basically what Khan did, recently, and will likely do again. I think Dawson will do it again. It certainly doesn't make a fan out of me but if you're judging people on the norm, I think this is a normal, run-of-the-mill error for fighters, at least. Eddie and John are both good trainers and Dawson's a good boxer, you can't make a good or very good fighter be great with sheer will. The chips must fall where they may. Dawson doesn't have greatness in him so nobody can bring it out. He's going to win some and lose some at this level, regardless of who's training him. He will not be a dominant force, I'm almost certain. It's just not there.
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