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Default Re: Rate Manny Pacquiao's chin

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Mayweather being visibly hurt less times than Pacquiao his testament to his defence, not his chin. The man gets hit far less, and is therefore far less likely to be hurt. Pacquiao's been getting hit with those Judah, Mosley and Corely shots on a consistent basis since coming to the US, and not once, up until JMM 4, has he shown signs of being hurt like Mayweather has. Safe to say, peak-wise, Pacquiao has a more durable chin based on evidence of his actually being put to the test fight after fight.

That's fair enough, but the reaction to the punches when he does get hit is what I'm looking at. All it takes is one punch to do damage, he doesn't have to getting hit a lot for us to get an idea how well his chin holds up. I'm not going to say his chin is better than Pacquiao's, but I can't say it's concrete that it's worse either, based on what I've seen.
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