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Default Re: Rate Manny Pacquiao's chin

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Of course. That's what we're all looking at. And Pacquiao's reaction, during the **** load of times his poor defence allowed him to get hit, was to not even buckle (for the most part). Instead, you would see his bouncing hair go all over the place and his reaction would be to attack right back - often with success.

Bar the last outting, I think the worst situation I would see Pacquiao in -- whilst fighting in the US -- is him just backing up in confusion/panic after being caught by hard counter rights. As well as that combo in Pac-JMM II where he was in mid-air and lost balance.

So, if it's reactions you're looking for, then evidence suggests Pacquiao had a tremendous chin during his peak years. His has been concretely proven, whereas Mayweather's hasn't. His has been kept out of harm's way, preventing us from giving an accurate assessment of it.

True enough, true enough. I still can't give Pacquiao's chin more than a 7 or 8 though given that he has been KO'd several times now, and I hate to keep going on about the jab.. but it was a JAB!

It just shows that there is some susceptibility there on occasion, regardless of how good his chin might appear at times. For that reason I can't call him iron chinned.
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