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Default Re: Rate Manny Pacquiao's chin

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
True enough, true enough. I still can't give Pacquiao's chin more than a 7 or 8 though given that he has been KO'd several times now, and I hate to keep going on about the jab.. but it was a JAB!

It just shows that there is some susceptibility there on occasion, regardless of how good his chin might appear at times. For that reason I can't call him iron chinned.
Lol I feel ya', but I honestly don't put much stock into knockdowns/outs in early parts of people's careers. Margarito was getting put on his ass as a teen, too. Tua was being floored in amateurs and people were tagging him as china-chinned. David ****ing Tua ! ****, even Barrera was getting knocked out before he hit his prime. These are all fighters who went on to be regarded as people with great beards.

So, we can bring up vids of Pac getting knocked out as a teen all we want. It proves nothing when you compare it to the large catalogue of fights where he was fully developed and facing the best opposition, and not seeing his legs even buckle (never mind touching the canvas). He's not the first person to look vulnerable as a teen, and he certainly won't be the last. I much prefer to assess fighters when they're in their primes against the best. That's when you truely see how good someone, or a particular attribute, is.
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