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Default Re: Langford vs Johnson Who really Won ?

Mendoza wrote:

Langford was not only lighter ( 156 pounds ) he was just 20 years old!

If we examine the ages, weights, and experience level of fighting opponents the of 180 pounds when they meet, its all in Johnson's favor

mcvey says: This of course is not true.
Langford had over 50 fights under his belt when they met , considerbaly more than Johnson.
Read what I wrote MORON. How many men above 180 pounds did Langford beat prior to facing Johnson How about ZERO. In fact the heaviest man Langford meet prior to Johnson was about 160 pounds.

McVey says:
Langford's birthday is a source of speculation, his date of birth is given as the 4th of March 1883 which would make him 23 when he met Johnson on the 26th of April 1906.
Or go by Clay's well researched book, and its 20 years old!

Langford was 156lbs ,Johnson 185lbs both around 20 lbs below their optimum weights.
Most of Johnson's best wins are below 200 lbs.
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