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Default Re: Chad Dawson is making a big mistake...again!

Originally Posted by IceJohnScully View Post
One day I put a photo of him, myself and his strength coach on facebook during training camp. When he sent his brother in my room (12 feet from where they were in the living room) to tel me that "Chad said not to put any pictures up on my facebook" because he didnt want our opponent to know what we were up to I knew our relationship was doomed...1, Because he sent his brother over for him like he was the CEO of a major company sending his assistant to talk to one of the guys in the mailroom and 2. because if he thought that his opponent seeing a photo of him in the gym before the fight would be cause for alarm then there was a mental issue going on that was beyond my abilities/desire to fix for a guy at "his high level" as he said after the Ward fight, You would think that something as insignificant as a picture of us in the gym training wouldnt be something to alarm our opponent didnt know we'd actually go to a gym to get ready for the fight?
it is a mental tick so to speak. No different than the type of girlfriend or boyfriend that cant even pick up the phone or let alone do a face to face that things are not working out, so they just go silent until someone has to "get the hint" or do it with the old text or note
Boxing is a business and Chad doing stuff like is business....just not business like or very professional to not be able to tell someone this who is seemed to spend alot of time with and had to have grown close in some sense...maybe bad chad doesnt really like to be the bad guy when giving bad news...
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