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Default Re: Did Arguello really spark Legra in the 1st round?/Did Marcel cheat Arguello?

A few interesting (can't see footnotes listed so again, take 'em with as much as you want) tidbits on Marcel;

Was offered either Olivares as a mando', or a rematch with Spider Nemoto for $150,000 in Japan to come out of retirement. Dunno' where this has come from but Nemoto said after their first fight, the only time he was stopped I think, can't be ****d to check his boxrec page even though I'm on the page about his fight with Marcel

""I felt that his punches were very powerful, the hardest I ever felt. I felt like I was fighting a heavyweight." -Shig Nemoto (from Boxrec, don't remember this being fleshed out before would like it if the person that did it had listed the f'n source!)

Anyway, shows lora that Marcel was also Naz-esque in his ability to crush

Marcel's under performing in the middle rounds was an attempt by him to throw the fight, something he refutes. A non-starter this, you can see from the fight this man was never trying to throw the fight, not by getting stopped or by losing on the cards.


Anyway, Nemoto did later go the 15 with Pedroza, sorry it skits out towards the end


The legend rayrobinson333 also came up with a few fights of Nemoto on youtube, be sure to check 'em out if you care to.

Marcel's trainer, Ramon Dossman, was hired as Arguello's trainer for the few bouts leading up to Olivares.
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