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Default Re: Did Arguello really spark Legra in the 1st round?/Did Marcel cheat Arguello?

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
I don't know. He was 124 a few fights later. But that's conceivable that they might do something like that. That's by Christian Giudice right? Its odd he would be so biased seeing as how even handed he was with Duran. I think he learned Spanish just these bios so any information would be presumably 1st hand if not necessarily accurate. And I think if you retire before the bell it counts as a KO for the previous round. Although everything I've seen lists that as KO 1 so...
Whoa! If it is him maybe I've just a section that was biased and the whole thing might be very even handed. Just that the account of the Marcel fight seemed to keep dropping insurmountable barriers in front of Alexis and had Marcel putting his feet up with a cup of tea...I thought, oh, it's one of those but it's not shocking, will probably get it. You know the characters that crop up in boxing books

'I heard about it from Louie, he was with the fighter...he's down there, covered in snow and **** and everybody but him is allowed to warm their hands in the fire. The Champ was floating past in a toasty blimp wearing a dressing gown.'

That ex-trainer came across a bit like that.
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