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Default Re: Langford vs Johnson Who really Won ?

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Read what I wrote MORON. How many men above 180 pounds did Langford beat prior to facing Johnson How about ZERO. In fact the heaviest man Langford meet prior to Johnson was about 160 pounds.

Or go by Clay's well researched book, and its 20 years old!

Most of Johnson's best wins are below 200 lbs.

Let's take a look at this adamant assertion.
You have no way of knowing how many heavyweights Langford met prior to Johnson, simply because the weights are not available.What we do know is he fought Joe Jeannette,Jim Barry, and Black Fitzsimmons prior to Johnson. All were heavyweights.

Jeannette , just 22 days before he faced Langford, scaled 185lbs for a fight with Johnson. Five months after facing Langford Jim Barry scaled 190lbs for a fight with Larry Temple, so thats your assertion disposed of.

Clay Moyles book has received good reviews , have you actually read it?

No one , not even Langford actually knows how old he was,you have picked the lowest number you can to match your pathetic agenda.

ps Despite countless corrections you still persist in saying "when he meet", did you actually go to school Rainman ?
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