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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Don't be so sensitive, I was just joshing around pal
I was never trying to be disrespectful to boxing coaches, maybe I sounded like I was because I was trying to emphasise my point that they're good at what they do and S+C guys are good at what they do. I wouldn't get upset with you for saying that a S+C guy knows jack**** about boxing tactics in general so you shouldn't get upset with me when I say a boxing coach knows jack**** about conditioning in general. As you can see you get a lot of respect when you talk about things you have knowledge of, I don't recall getting that respect from you when I was talking about things I have knowledge of. You accused me of using big words you don't understand (I used those words to demonstrate that you don't have the expertise or understanding to make the comments you made, obviously if I was helping a coach and an athlete I'd be explaining it in simple and easy to understand terms) and in this thread you've said some things I don't understand. I'm not going to get upset with you if you say something regarding your area of expertise that I don't understand, that's my bad and my shortcoming. You weren't humble enough to think along those same lines but I don't hold that against you. I'm thanking you for this thread and I hope you continue to contribute

Dealt, you are right sometimes I am a sensitive B, let's share our knowledge and experience to help somebody achieve their dreams and goals.
Leavander needed help and cos he didnt get it from his team for whatever reason, he paid the price. If you watched that clip Leavander was done they should have stopped it but they didn't. I believe that fighters need help, from both of us, cos they just want to fight. I've seen and heard of too many fighters who were used and abused to make a buck.
Thank you for your reply keep doing what you are doing as you can see we both are needed.
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