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Default Re: Was it Johnson's workrate or his power that caused Calzaghe to duck him?

Lesson Time

Calzaghe never ducked Johnson. Johnson couldnt win the eliminators to fight Calzaghe.
Now Calzaghe did pull out of fighting Johnson due to injuries, but there are many things missed here, like Calzaghe pulled out 3 times before fighting Sheika, pulled out before fighting Jones when they fought and pulled out before fighting Lacy. Calzaghe had bad hand troubles.
Calzaghe had to fight the winner of the Johnson/Sheika fight and Sheika beat Johnson.
Calzaghe agreed to fight Johnson if Johnson beat Woods in their 3rd fight, and guess what? Johnson lost again. Calzaghe was even ringside to promote the fight, but Johnson lost.

They would have fought in 2004 if Johnson had waited instead of fighting Jones. Johnson told Dan Goosen to forget about Joe. Yet he came running back to Calzaghe when Joe became a superstar after whooping Lacy.

BBC Tuesday, 8 June, 2004

But Johnson is adamant Calzaghe has lost his chance, saying: "The fight is off. I'm not interested in fighting Joe Calzaghe any more. Johnson refused to wait for the fight to be rescheduled on 04,fact.

Calzaghe agreed to fight Johnson in September 06 on the condition that Johnson beat Woods in their 3rd fight. However Johnson lost and missed his chance. Calzaghe was ringside for this fight - some scared ducker hey. Why do people leave out this information when discussing this issue?

and I have a hard time believing Calzaghe would duck an old journeyman like Johnson to fight a younger, much more dangerous Mikkel Kessler!!! and yes Calzaghe WAS injury prone. he was notorious for hand problems.....Many of his fights including Lacy had to be rescheduled. He still ended up fighting them. He wanted to reschedule the Johnson fight but like i said Johnson said he was "done" with Calzaghe.

everybody was beating johnson before he popped up on the hbo screen and knockout that over hyped HBO fighter jones jr

also not once throughout calzaghes reign was johnson ranked in the ringmag top 10!!

Look at Johnsons SMW resume and tell me do you think Johnson deserved a shot at the best SMW ever


M Sosa who had 5 losses and 2 draws, and lost his next 2 fights after beating Johnson


Kiwanuka who had 3 losses and 2 draws, had lost his last 2 fights coming into his fight with Johnson and his fight after Johnson

Campas 3-20-4 coming off of only 2 losses and won his next fight

Watson 24-16-1, Johnson was his last fight

Zimmerman 15-2-0 coming in, who had lost his previous fight and the one after

Ottke 16-0 who in fairness was an outstanding SMW boxer

Vanderpool 27-1 who lost his next fight, but in fairness that was at MW to Hopkins and Vanderpool had a good run after

Branco 38-4-2 who was a world class SMW and became WBA LHW champ

Sheika who was 19-1 and lost his next fight, though in fairness that was to Calzaghe.

Owoh 15-1-0 who had no wins of note

This was Johnsons SMW resume when Calzaghe was SMW champ

DO YOU THINK THAT DESERVES A SHOT . He lost the eliminators

Now lets look at how Johnsons SMW resume has continued after this and you will see his SMW resume is 5-9-0

Yeah I reckon Calzaghe was lucky Johnson couldnt win his eliminators and that Johnson decided he didnt want to face Calzaghe

Arcane made to look a fool again
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