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Default Re: Alright Mayweather Fanboys... How does this equate to the greatest 130 of all tim

Originally Posted by RJJFan View Post
At 6:30

Originally Posted by Bazooka View Post
That is the truth, during the pre fight build up, they were talking about what they needed to do in order to make the weight, even after Diego got out of Jail he mentioned he ate like a half Peanut butter sandwich a day and a plum or some **** like that also stated if he fought Floyd again he would make sure he was healthy with his weight, it was on a FNF broadcast years back.
You two are bigger *****S than anyone else on this site. The lengths and wild stories the two of you come up with to degrade Floyd/his accomplishments is concerning.

Corrales was a professional boxer with an excellent S&C coach - yours truly: Alex Ariza. If a fighter has a problem making weight then they shouldn't agree to a fight in that weight class. Part of training camp is taking responsibility for making weight. Or, if need be, coming in 1-2 pounds over. It's not the end of the world.

Not to mention the fact that Corrales continued to fight at that weight class for... THREE MORE YEARS including SIX FIGHTS. If he has so much trouble making weight then why'd he remain at 130 for three years and six fights?

Do either of you even think about what you write before you write it?

Floyd flat-out dominated Corrales. Simply too fast, too slick, too smart. Hate on, jackasses.

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