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Default Re: Rate Manny Pacquiao's chin

Excellent point about moving into the force of punches - something Pacquiao's always been guilty of.

Originally Posted by Reppin501 View Post
Not really fair to say he's been hit like SSM hit Floyd...I don't disagree that Manny has shown the durability of his chin, but the shot Floyd took from SSM, really both of them, I don't know that Manny eats them. Matter of fact JMM hit Manny with almost the same shot in the 3rd, and dropped Manny, that looping overhandish right.
Sure, he's not been hit with exact same overhand right in the manner that Mosley threw against Mayweather, but he has been hit with equally dangerous punches throughout his entire US career. I say equally as dangerous because, as PetethePrince above has alluded to, Pacquiao's been a regular victim of shots in the midst of exchanges - often incurred whilst jumping in, being off balance, not seeing them, etc. Those are the shots you're more likely to be hurt from. And again, it's remarkable how he's lasted this long without being put to the canvas. Mayweather has never come close to taking the same risks and being on the end of the same type of punches. He sees the shots better and, despite the low number of times he's been hit clearly, he's still been visibly hurt in quite a few instances. Which leads me to believe one of the few *****s in his armour -- and he hasn't got many -- is his chin. No doubt Mayweather fans are gonna' throw a *****-fit when reading that, but honestly, his punch resistence would probably be at the bottom of the list when looking at his most valuable qualities.
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