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Default Re: Good warm ups....

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Give me some new warm up ideas please ESB
I use the "warm up" to work on various boxing specific drills, and exercises aimed at improving co-ordination, balance and agility.

Usually I start them off nice and easy for the first 10 minutes or so simply jogging round the ring and stopping every so often to do a few mobilization exercises once the are reasonably warm.

Then I move to various exercises that are a little less conventional. I class these as part of the warm up but technically the lads are already warmed up and ready to go by this stage.

I have recently bought an agility ladder for our gym specifically for use as part of our "warm ups". I lay this across one side of the ring and get the lads to do a certain drills as they jog round the ring.

At certain times I will stop the lads and get the to do various partner drills for example:

Linear movement - Boxer A moves backwards and forward trying to evade boxer B. Boxer B try to get his front foot in line with boxer A. If you have lines on the floor one boxer goes up and down one side of the line either trying to catch or evade the other.

Lateral movement - Same as above but boxer A try to align his head with boxer B.

As the boxers run round the ring, I also get them to do certain drills as they go down a particular side. For example,

1st side = moving forward slipping left and right.
2nd side = moving forward rolling to left or right.
3rd side = Pivoting round cones.
4th side = Double Jab, straight right repeatedly as fast as possible.

Obviously you can mix things up however you see fit and add whatever drills you want to work on.

Once they are fully warm I sometimes move more towards strength and conditioning for 5-10 minutes. Press ups, burpees, etc nothing to difficult so the lads are so tired that they are unable to apply themselves fully to sparring, bagwork and padwork etc

Also, after the initial 10 minute period, I sometimes set up a selection of "stations" around the gym instead of the above. The lads spend about 30 seconds at each station before moving on. Depends how many are in the gym. Examples of exercises at different stations include:

Station 1 - Slip line / slip rope (basically rolling under a rope across the ring)
Station 2 - Head movement drill
Station 3 - Punching combination drill
Station 4 - Agility ladder.
Station 5 - Co-ordination Drill

etc etc etc.

I have quite a few good exercises / drills that I have thought up or adapted that I have not seen anywhere else but it would take me ages to explain by typing so I will try and do a video of a session some time this week.

Hope this gives you a few ideas. Technically, this isn't a warm up but the lads think they are still warming up (technique is still emphasised) - it's a session joined on to the warm up that is aimed at improving various qualities need for boxing.
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