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Default Re: Alright Mayweather Fanboys... How does this equate to the greatest 130 of all tim

Originally Posted by Rudyard View Post
Irrelavant...What weight division did he fight at for the next year and half\ two??

If he was so drained, why did he fight Joel at this very same weight almost 2 years later??? Your argument holds no weight given he'e competed at that class for years afterwards...You guys are truly trying to push your bias agenda...A man that is drained (as you guys are constanly trying to imply) would not drain himself if he couldnt make the weight.
You do have a point and perhaps we had better methods by the time this fight came around that helped him.
Either way you cant deny whats said in that video.... Hypocritical? Maybe no doubt about it doesnt make sense. But hey nothing ever does in boxing especially the argument that Floyd was an ATG at 130.
Those names sure as **** dont spell that out even at 135 there is really only one name worth anything on his resume and at 140 its laughable.
This is what happens when you avoid all the fights the public wants to see, they will pick apart your resume, History wont be kind to Floyd but you already know that
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