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Default Re: Daniel Geale on Mundine,Golovkin the future

Originally Posted by badlefthook84 View Post
Sox u are going to be in for one rude awakening if they meet.
I doubt it, but I reckon you could be.
Rosado essentially ran the entire fight.
Yet he still managed to tag GGG and make him look pretty banged up.
Go figure.

Geale is many levels above Rosado.
His face got ripped to bits by Golovkin's jab really. The one time he got brave was the end of the 2nd i think when he tried to back Golovkin up with a triple jab and caught nothing but glove, stayed coming forward and tried to unload up close, Golovkin caught him with a left hook and Rosado immediately retreated and got on his bike again.
Rosado had GGG on his toes in round 4 too.
Geale is absolutely made for Golovkin.
IMO, GGG is made Geale.
Pitter patter puncheres with basic technique
You don't get to where Geale is with what you're describing.
won't beat a guy with the ring smarts and power of GGG.
Yes, GGG has some decent power, but ring smarts, how so? GGG hasn't even been tested against a high level opponent to see if he has ring smarts.
Sure, you always look good against cans. Even though he looked very ordinary against Rosado, a blown up JMW, which he shouldn't have if he were what many claim he is.
And tbh if your boy doesn't get past a 38 year old with a dodgy hip next week then he definetely shouldn't be mixing it with Martinez, GGG, Pirog.
Yeh, and the PM would be a guy if she had a **** between her legs. What's your point?

Geale will beat Mandy convincingly next week, and most people know it, you're just reaching now.
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