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Default Wilder = A KO Waiting to Happen....

., soon as he fights a live body.

Wilder is a total fraud who fights nothing but tomato cans because he's packing GLASS in his mandible.

This joke got knocked out in the amateurs with HEADGEAR on (check about 1:57 in)!


Even against the cab drivers and bar patrons he's been padding his record against, his china chin has been exposed. Here he hitting the deck against the formidable "world beater" Harold Sconiers:

And here's this FRAUD getting put on ***** street by some guy who looks like he trains at the bar doing 12 ounce curls (i.e. lifting the beer and putting it to your mouth). Go about 40 seconds in to see this joke Wilder taste canvas against this fat slob:


Case closed. Wilder has an OBVIOUS glass jaw, his handlers know it, which is why FOUR YEARS into his career, he's still fighting stiffs, and pathetic stiffs at that.
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