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Default Re: Wilder = A KO Waiting to Happen....

Originally Posted by Boxing Fanatic View Post
u just hate him so much zak. its scary

I know Zak and he doesn't 'hate' anyone. He like me and others that have been watching this sport for Decades know what is going on here. We know what Golden Boy does and how they operate. Look at the past 5 years and their so called 'prospects' and what has happened. GBP is doing this kid a disservice with the matchmaking he isn't ever going to improve but it is all about the $$$$$ to them so it doesn't matter.

When Wilder is KOed and it will be sooner than later many of you will come on here and blame his 'defense' and everything else but his Chin.

Glass Jaws exist in Boxing and we WILL discuss them on ESB. Chins matter. Ask Roy Jones or Amir Khan if a Chin matters or not. Hell ask Seth Mitchell.
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