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Default Re: Alright Mayweather Fanboys... How does this equate to the greatest 130 of all tim

Originally Posted by PJ View Post
Pathetic if folks think this is #1 atg @ 130
Not really dude, haha.

Genaro and Corrales could be said to be better wins than any Arguello accumulated at 130, with Escalera and Chacon as the only ones you could attempt to argue for, and you'd be hard pressed. Manfredy was ranked #3 I believe when Floyd beat him, hot off of the Gatti win. Chavez was #4 and had been for a while, C. Hernandez was a top ten for a while. Both of them would go on to be two of Morales' notable career best wins (not among his best, but in the next tier).

The more I directly compare the two the more I believe it's Mayweather.
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