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Default Re: Rate Manny Pacquiao's chin

Manny has a solid chin 8.5-9. Better training (I assume) has also improved his ability to take body shots.

Floyd's chin is clearly good but impossible to fully rate. Hitting Floyd flush happens very few times in a fight. However, he has reacted well whenever it has happened. The best evidence is his fights with Mosley, Augustus and Corley. He banged 12 rounds with Corely and 9 with Augustus. He also was hit clean a few times by Sharmba. He was only seriously in danger of a KD in the Mosely fight. Mosely hurt him in the beginning of that round and couldn't get him to the ground (attributable to Floyd's defense and chin) by the next round Floyd was fully recovered (showing good chin).

That said, I don't know how anyone can rate Manny's chin over Floyd's because you do not know whether Floyd can take those flush shots that Manny takes every fight. Difficult to rate Floyd's chin over Manny's due to the one punch KDs because if you hit someone perfectly in the right place, they're going down. Bottom line is Floyd's chin is to be determined. Prove otherwise.
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