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Default Re: Alright Mayweather Fanboys... How does this equate to the greatest 130 of all tim

Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post
Alexis Arguello @ 130
W TKO13 Alfredo Escalera, won WBC title from him
W TKO5 Rey Tam
W KO1 Diego Alcala
W UD15 Arturo Leon
W KO13 Alfredo Escalera II
W TKO11 Rafael Limon -
W TKO7 Bobby Chacon
W TKO11 Ruben Castillo
W TKO5 Rolando Navarette -

Floyd Mayweather Jr. @ 130
W RTD8 Genaro Hernandez, won WBC title and lineal championship from him
W TKO2 Angel Manfredy
W UD12 Carlos Rios
W KO9 ****** Juuko
W RTD7 Carlos Gerena
W UD12 Gregorio Vargas
W TKO10 Diego Corrales
W UD12 Carlos Hernandez
W RTD9 Jesus Chavez

I go with Mayweather here, but it is certainly close and a worthwhile debate.
Thanks, I originally didn't think Mayweather would be #1 in the division (apart from H2H), but after seeing it here to compare, it's VERY hard for me to choose whose resume is better.

On your resume:
Genaro Hernandez is greater than Escalara.
Jesus Chavez or Prime Rafel Limon...too close to call.
Angel Manfredy or Naravette - VERY close but I prefer Manfredy
I prefer Mayweather's other wins over Arguello's other wins.

Corrales-Chacon - now that is a very hard one
Bobby Chacon's noticeable wins are:
prime Limon
a shot Olivares who got a punchers chance win over Jose Luis Ramirez,
The best win of his career IMO - Danny Lopez, and he beat a few others. Chucho Castillo was shot.

Casamayor - lost the rivalry against Casa
JL Castillo 1 - lost the rivalry against JL

Meh, I think I prefer Chacon, but it's pretty 50-50 and I'm open to thinking either way.

Now add to the fact that H2H Mayweather would beat Arguello and in general Mayweather looked more dominant than Arguello did against his opponents....

Erm...LOL I think Mayweather probably is the greatest 130 of all time haha, although I'd have to think this over a LOT. It's a VERY premature judgement.

The next step is:
Did Mayweather's opposition have a style that was harder for him than Arguello's?
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