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Default Re: If Vitali Ducks David Haye?

Originally Posted by Neverchair View Post
Outside of Lennox Lewis, David Haye would be the highest achiever VK has stepped into the ring with. That might sound uncomfortable to some, but lets be honest, it's true.

Former Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion, Former Heavyweight Champion. Regardless of what you think of the competition Haye has fought, on paper, that is more impressive than anyone Vitali has come up against.
And VK's competition has been pretty poor in itself.

Don't get me wrong. Im not saying Haye's an ATG or anything, but it's an obvious fight right now and VK fighting anyone else would be pretty meaningless.

I think Vitali knows that he has left it a bit too late to take on Haye and doesn't fancy it much.
If Vitali doesn't fight Haye, I think it would be a duck and although I don't think it would do too much damage to his legacy (he hasn't got much of one), it wouldn't win him any fans.
And this is what the British media feeds these morons.
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