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All sports where athletes compete against one another are relevant, you just don't want to admit it because it ruins your pathetic theory that somehow todays heavyweight are physically aging differently than other athletes.

Your list means nothing because you have no chrystal ball to tell you if most will still be fighting in their late 30's, early 40's. Out of your list though it's clearly visable that Vittles, Povetkin and Adamek have all declined compared to their best days. By the way, the average age of your list is just over 31 so YOU cant tell **** by it.

No, it means the division blows because guys only fight 2 or 3 times a year against soft comp allowing them to still be competitive. Take your hero Vitley do right for instance. Do you really think his sorry ass would be competitive now with prime versions of Holmes, Lewis, Tyson, etc.? If you do you're a complete fool.

Why don't you supply a link to where I've said ANYTHING even resembling these remarks? They're the exception, not the rule. What you're trying to falsley pass off is that todays heavyweights magically age different because there is an older crop of fighters at the world class level. This is easily explained by fighting less and against softer comp more often than not.

Good training habbit are without a doubt the key a longer career. But that doesn't stop physical decline that happen to EVERY person on this planet. Heres a couple links to support my case. How about you provide some links that tell how heavyweight boxers are now able to miraculously overcome father time while other athletes cannot?

8. How long do world class athletes play their sport?
The average world class athlete retires from his sport at the age of 33. Incredibly, the average NFL player is retired by the age of 28, the average world class wrestler by 24, and the average elite gymnast by 19.

If you need more I also found some great articles on how after 30 your lungs dont process oxygen as well anymore which leads to decreased stamina and strength. Of course that doesn't take into consideration PED's, which is a cheat anyways.

Nice schooling you again Spanky!!
How is that schooling if you can go to boxrec or the ring and view the ages of current boxers and most of them just start getting into the mix when they are over 30. You proved that NFL fighters are old past 30, so what? You lost the argument long time ago.
I also follow soccer and most soccer players are old at 28(no matter bad or good players), how does it relates to boxing?
Also, number 8 actually proves my point, that athletes age differently in every sport. Not sure why you wrote that, just to humiliate yourself even more? I think you just copied it from my post, cause I wrote the same thing to prove you wrong. You are obviously mentally challenged or something like that.

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