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Default Re: Rate Manny Pacquiao's chin

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
Chin, body, who gives a ****. It's all general punch resistance. You think I'm hating on Pacqiuao because I made a thread with videos of him being knocked down? Was looking for genuine opinions and the videos are there to help people form those opinions. That simple enough for you? Now contribute to the thread or **** off ***got. Talkin' bout dudes blowin' dudes.
Dumbass you didn't say "general punch resistance" the title of the thread is chin. Got dam you can't even get what you want correct. Contribute to the thread? I just did by saying your ***** ass wants to blow poochiao you ***git

Don't be mad cuz that ***git onepunch is owning you and all your fellow indenial pee pee drinkers the obvious and your boy doing all the "natural" workouts and getting big by hard work and dedication. He aint Floyd. Marquez is a 40 year old Bane and yet you turn the other ass cheek to ram **** in ass
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