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Default Re: Examples of boxers who disgraced they're fans and looked for a way out during fig

[quote=ELECTRIC GURU;14619797]Yes, there are many other examples of fighters that disgraced their fans and robbed them out of their hard earned cash by cowardly quiting in fights by feigning injury. This thread is full of examples given by educated posters.

Hopkins was the obvious example of a fighter who had done this on multiple occasions, that is why i used him as the main example in this thread so posters would instantly understand about the cowardly type of actions i was refering to.[/quote

I hear what you'er saying but allow me to be the devil's advocate. I have watched B-Hop throughout much of his career and I have seen him in some rough and tumble s****s. I've seen him get picked and body slammed by Antwun Echols and he got right up and right in Echols ass. I said that to say this. He has never exhibited the personality of a coward. He walked into Puerto Rico and dissed the flag in the middle of a bunch of people that was ready to kill him. That's not a coward. The fact is, Calzage did hit him low and Dawson did dump him.He was a lot older and more prone to getting hurt by incidents like that. Considering his past, I would have to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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