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Default Re: Wilder = A KO Waiting to Happen....

Originally Posted by Brighton bomber View Post
Wow never seen that 3rd video. How on earth did he allow a 400lbs blob to actually land a significant shot?

People say Wilder needs to step up the level of competition but technically he still looks like a 10 fight novice. He leaves himself wide open, his footwork and therefore balance is poor. He loads up too much on his shots leaving himself open for counters. He often drops his right when he jabs. He makes Fury look skilled which is saying something.

Personally he does need to step up the level of opposition, but very carefully he has learned nothing facing the guys he has faced so far. Too big a step up and he will struggle. He has natural ability but little else from what little I have seen.
If he had natural ability he wouldn't still look like a ten fight novice. Even given his level of competition he shouldn't look as awkward and uncoordinated as he does, not after twenty seven fights, countless sparring sessions and working with some of the names he's worked with. He's either a very slow learner, or unable to apply what he's learnt to the ring.
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