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Default Re: Was Calzaghe's masterclass V Roy Jones the most . . . . . . .

The Bane,

OK, Joe wasn't exactly in his prime either, he was having hand problems.... You say Calzaghe dismissed Jones? Then why did Jones avoid Calzaghe and move up to heavyweight and fight Ruiz? Why are you claiming what you write are cold hard facts, when in reality it is purely your opinion?
I know Joe wasn't prime either. Roy didn't avoid Joe in 2002, he simply had a much better offer.

What I'm saying regarding Joe, is that he dismissed Roy as a challenge in 2007 and 2008.

These are the full quotes.

In 2007, "Roy Jones was a great fighter, but now he's finished. He's not the same as he once was, and a fight between us at this stage, would now be POINTLESS!"

In 2008, "Roy's not great anymore, and I'd be disappointed if he was to be my last fight."

What do you mean they're just my opinions?

Those quotes are genuine.

One's from his book, and the other one's from a Setanta sports interview.

He was 9 weeks from his 40th birthday. That's a fact.

He'd been dominated and knocked out more than 4 years previously by Glen Johnson. That's a fact.

Taking all of the above into consideration, how can it be classed as anything great?

It really doesn't matter when they fought, nobody could knock out Joe and nobody could handle Joe's insane workrate. At any point when the fight happens Joe would have walked down Jones and landed shot after shot at different angles and won on a UD. Yes, Calzaghe lacked power but this is boxing not MMA. Joe was a clever guy who did what he had to win which was throw 100+ punches a round and outland and frustrate the hell out of his opponent's. Do you honestly think Jones would KO Joe, theres not a bats chance in hell. Jones would have met his match and lost a decision, end off. Yes this is my opinion and it is not a fact as the fight did not take place when both fighters were in their prime.
Now we're getting to opinions.

You're making a huge assumption here, that he'd have fought Roy in his prime.

History shows us that he stayed away, and we've got quotes of him saying he wasn't chasing him, he didn't want tough fights, and he knew his capabilities.

He had to be talked into not pulling out of he Lacy fight, yet he'd have walked Joe down?

He'd had to have gotten in the ring to start with.

Roy's peak was probably 1994/95, when he was 25/26.

How does Joe walk down a 26 year old Roy Jones?

Joe was a great fighter, but he's always been relatively easy to hit.

I've seen both careers and watched nearly all of their fights. There's nothing that suggests that any version of Joe could have beaten Roy.

He would have been too open and easy to hit in my opinion.

A guy that has problems with Reid and Kessler, simply isn't good enough to keep a peak Roy at bay.

I respect your opinion though.

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