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Default Re: Why did Arguello quit in the 2nd fight against Pryor? Is it a lack of heart?

Originally Posted by Back Hand Slap View Post
MVC I am starting to think you are just against any human being in some deranged way that isn't black. How can you make such accusations about a true warrior. Lets see your idol Floyd take a beating from a young up and comer when he's past prim and see what he does. You're a disgrace.
? You're a dumbass.

I'm in no way a racist and would never discriminate against any race.

That being said, I bash on Duran/SRL for the things they did, along with Manny/Floyd/Klits. That's Black/White/Asian.

Arguello QUIT in the 2nd fight.

I'm simply stating a fact. If you don't like it, then **** right off.

I said Arguello is a warrior and deserves all the respect he gets. But he did indeed quit, that's a fact that remains.

So it's ok for you guys to make fun of Ortiz/Klit for quitting but it's not ok for me to state a truth (Arguello quitting)? What is that?

It's ok to make fun of modern day fighters but not ok to make fun of past greats?
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