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Default Re: Rate Manny Pacquiao's chin

Originally Posted by Snakefist View Post
He put his full body into the 2 shots he mayweather with, they were his classic loaded punch with full leverage. The punch with pac, didnt even look like it landed clean and it wasnt a full leveraged loaded punch. But I guess when its your icon, reality changes to suit your needs... like how Pac's first KO was clearly a shot to the head, but for years fans were debating that it was a body punch, as if a body punch (some say low blow lol) can make a persons head bounce off the canvas, make them have all the signs of an concussion, dazed and can barely lift their head up.
Yup, the one on Floyd were clean and unseen yet ma boy still took it like a G. The one on poochiao had no hips in it, plus the stance and angle of the chins are different as well. Poochiao coming in could see a right coming then try to turn and absorb it better, Floyd was conventional and just didn't see it coming, yet still finished the round.
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