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Default Re: Daniel Geale on Mundine,Golovkin the future

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
I didn't say he was troubled, I said he was banged up.
Watch the fight again, have a look at GGG's face.

He got hit way too much from someone who wasn't even throwing a lot. His face at the end of the fight was proof of that.

Imagine what someone with a high workrate like Geale will make him look.

Workrate, angles, tight defence, good chin, and ring smarts/experience.

See above.

I meant he's nothing special.
His 10 year old AM record doesn't count much for right now, considering he hasn't beaten anyone of note yet.
Would this be the same tight defence that Sylvester penetrated with his jab a little to often. I remember Geale looking marked up under both eyes waiting for the scores that night. We don't know if Geale has a good chin yet really, copped a few solid rights from Karmazin in the middle rounds though he was a career LMW so hard to know. We should probably discuss the fight in greater detail when / if it happens. Hope Geale does the business next week.
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