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Default Re: Roman Martinez to bully Burgos tonight

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Yep normally that's the norm then again Burgos spent a fair amount of time smashing Martinez ribcage to bits. If that's aggression i don't know what is man.

The judges are a joke, they score for the pure boxer one fight then score aggression the next. For me there's more to it then just boxing a lot of the time. Sad to say..
fair point Skills my good man, Burgos definitely had his moments. However, after the first few rounds Burgos got dragged into a slugging match, into Martinez territory. IMO? first 4 rounds, Burgos shaded it. next 4? Martinez turned it into his fight.

Last 4? both men had their moments as fatigue kicked in & both fighters landed some big shots, although I do admit Burgos had Martinez wobbled, but enough to rip a belt from a champion on neutral turf? It was too close for me to take a champs title away.

Team Burgos are going crazy for an immediate rematch, they should be careful what they wish for! If you cant beat a nutcase first time around, you should stay well away.

The late great Vernon Forrest vs Mayorga immediately springs to mind!
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