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Default Re: Daniel Geale on Mundine,Golovkin the future

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
And? GGG was beaten by other fighters in the AM's too.
Does this mean that those fighters will beat both GGG and Geale now?

You're not making any sense, what happened 10 years ago does not correlate with what happens today.
Bull****, Geale is well on his way to proving himself to be elite, GGG has fought no one of note.

Talk about misguided butt love...
He looked great against Proksa OK against Ouma and busted up Rosada. Sylvester marked Gealey up with the jab Golovkin's jab would hurt him bad. Have you seen the Rosada fight?
That being said if Gealey can not sustain too much damage win 2 of the first 6 rounds I can see him sweeping the later rounds to a UD. Golovkin faded a bit by the 5th if not for the fact Rosada was busted up badly he could have got back into the fight Golovkin can be beaten IMO. A reasonably fresh Geale could UD Golovkin if they were to meet. Golovkin looks great but is not unbeatable.
Alot of GG nuthuggers are saying hes better than ***y I think that is premature.
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