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Default Re: Roman Martinez to bully Burgos tonight

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Even if it became "more Martinez's type of fight" that doesn't automatically mean the rounds go his way. You don't just suddenly toss out the entire set of scoring criteria because one guy is imposing his preferred style on the other.

If Burgos is dragged into slugging with Martinez but still lands cleaner and more effective punches while still maintaining the better ring generalship, effective aggression and defense, the round still goes his way even if he's looking comparatively more ragged than in the rounds where he's keeping it a civilized boxing match.
in my opinion though, & the judges opinions, Burgos WASNT controlling the fight the way he was meant to be doing according to this thread. Rocky isnt a household name, wasnt fighting in front of a partizan home crowd backing him, so the judges werent influenced. This fight was as neutral as it comes.

I hate to say it guys, but the only people influenced were you it seems, by an HBO team with a history of bad calls. To say Burgos dominated the fight? Try watching a fight without the commentary team telling you how to think, thats my advice. ALWAYS think twice.

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