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Default Re: Why did Khan go to the US and sign with GBP?

Originally Posted by Derrick_Rose View Post
If he would have stayed with Frank ****** in the UK. He would be a world champion with that one loss against Prescott. No way would he fight guys like Garcia, Maidana and Peterson. He would stay in the UK, fight a bunch of B-Level contenders on sold out arenas, make a ****load of money and retire with good health. From time to time they would feed him some washed up former champion ( like Barrera) to make him look good and thats it.
Khan talks like he wants to be the greatest fighter on earth etc but everybody who follows him on social media know that he is more obsessed with being a celebrity than anything else. Ive seen interviews when he turned pro and he was already talking about retiring at age 28. I mean come on, without one professional fight he was already talking about retirement.
WTF are you *****ing about???? Khan is everything that is right with the sport that's boxing needs, losing is overrated, his a celebrity and has ***** regardless of the out come, look up that video where he punks ***** ass Bradley
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