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Default Re: Was Calzaghe's masterclass V Roy Jones the most . . . . . . .

Originally Posted by Beouche View Post
illegal forearms?
No.. Actually not..

Roy Jones did not intentionally hit Joe Calzaghe with a forearm.. Re watch, Joe actually moved his head into the wrist and out of the way of where Roy was anticipating where his head would be... That was a result of Roy's faded reflexes.

I always thought Joe would have been in deep shit had Roy hit him clean with the end of his glove, would have carried more power, simple punch physics.. More power is generated at the end of the fist when a boxer throws a punch than that of his wrist..

Joe dodged a bullet, Roy didn't have all his power in his wrist, but he still went down...

Prime Jones would have had the reflexes to time Joe moving his head down, would have hit him clean.. Would certainly of pounced on him, would not have been worried about lasting 12 rounds...

Prime Roy Jones has every stylistic advantage over any Joe Calzaghe that it isn't even funny... Styles make fights, Prime Roy is all wrong for Joe, Calzahge knew this, and his managers.

Shot Roy wanted a 2 fight contract with Joe, win or lose, one in America one in Wales. That really says a lot about what Roy wanted..

Thankfully Joe didn't want to make a circus, and just retired on beating shot Roy, and making a good check. And instead of finish shot Roy, he let him see 12 rounds.. I admire him for that.

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