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Default Re: Golovkin vs. Rosado FIGHT NIGHT video [X-rated]

Originally Posted by punchbug View Post
Its funny how Garcia was praised for his work on Salido, but many thought Golovkin performed poorly!

Garcia got hit WAY more than Golovkin and didn't stop Salido.

Golovkin hardly got hit and landed very well on an opponent that was on the run.

Its much easier to hit somebody coming at you vs. somebody running from you. If Rosado had tried to impose himself on Golovkin it would have ended brutally and quick.

Golovkin was easily the most impressive fighter televised that night. He just didn't outperform the hype that surrounded him.

are you that much of a noob?

Garcia is being praised because Salido was THE BEST FEATHERWEIGHT IN THE WORLD and Garcia fought him at featherweight and whupped his ass and looked great.

King Gabe is a warrior and a fave of mine but the dude wasn't even top 10 ranked int he divison below Golovkin......he was supposed to dominate him, it was a disgraceful mismatch.

GGG would need to beat Martinez in emphatic fashion to equal Garcia's win over Salido.
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