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Default Re: GGG vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr @160 - Who wins?

Originally Posted by Leonit View Post
Jr fight nothing like the fighters that gave Golovkin problems he will be there to eat the power shots and especially the jab. Golovkin body work will slow him down too. Moreover Jr will have even more problems making MW after the lay off. Golovkin will destroy him I'm as sure of the outcome of this fight as I was for the Sergio-Junior fight. Golovkin is the worst possible match up for Jr and I really hope the fight gets made.
It doesn't mean Jr. can't also give him problems. Jr. will eat shots, but he will also be imposing his size and dishing plenty out. Golovkin's true durability and mobility have yet to be tested against someone like that.

Originally Posted by lester proctor View Post
So Golovkin is now more hittable than Chavez? You don't see a gulf in overall craft between these 2?

How impressive was Vera's stoppage of Lee? There's a reason Lee is not a top 10 middle, he can barely get separation from McEwen.
Jr. doesn't have to be less hittable, just more durable.

Lee has fought competition on par, if not better, than Golovkin.

GGG may have better punching form on the inside, but beating up Proksa and Rosado don't guarantee he'll cave in Chavez Jr., who took Martinez's best shots all night.
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