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Default Re: Alright Mayweather Fanboys... How does this equate to the greatest 130 of all tim

Originally Posted by PJ View Post
Everyone knows that his resume is less than the ATG he(and his fanboys)claims to be. Fanboys keep arguing that FMJ is the greatest at 130 cause we know his resume beyond that is average...

130: Chavez - good win

130: Corrales - good win

135: Augustus - eh

130: Juuko - eh

130: Vargas - who?

130: Manfredy - decent win

130: Chicanito - RIP - It was Chicanito's last fight

This is the resume that makes him 130 ATG? F'n Flomos

You would have a point but you classed Corrales as a good win and the same for Chavez. That's dumb and you're dumb.

Opinion void.
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