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Default Re: If Vitali or Wlad beats Pulev/Povetkin/Fury, will he rank above Lennox Lewis?

People talk down about Golota now because he never lived up to potential.

The truth of the matter was that Golota coming off beatings delivered against Rid**** Bowe was a slight favorite against Lewis.
At best the fight was a 50/50 or 60/40 to Lewis.

Nobody predicated that was going to be a ko1, and that Lewis literally took him to school within one round.

When was the last time Wlad or Vitali took someone as dangerous as Prime Golota out in one round?

Golota showed a great jab, beautiful combinations, good footwork, good boxing skills, great power, and good counter punching abilities in his career leading up to Lewis.

Just because Lewis ruined guys like Golota, Grant, Tua don't mean we should under appreciate what they truly were.
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