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Default Re: Why did Arguello quit in the 2nd fight against Pryor? Is it a lack of heart?

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
The thing is... If Floyd is knocked out today by a younger/fresher/faster guy, everyone would bash him non stop 24/7 even though Floyd is past his prime/legs somewhat gone, etc. Floyd is 36...

Arguello was only 30 at the time, he had something left. It wasn't like he was completely shot. He even said in the post fight conference "I wasn't that hurt, I didn't want to risk my life." It just makes it seem like he was there for a paycheck.

I don't think we'll ever see Floyd quit like that. Just saying.
Alexis was a warrior who fought everyone he could and took chances. There is a difference which is no insult on Floyd, but Alexis did fight them all. Yeah Floyd is 36 this year, 4 years older than Duran was when he lost to Hearns, yet people try to say Duran was old when he fought Hearns, yet Roberto was the champion of the WBA at the time at 154. But Pryor was just a great fighter, and I don't think Floyd has fought a hungry young champion like a Pryor yet. Arguello came back in 1986 and fought Billy Costello and won by knockout, but Costello was not as good as Pryor.
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