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Default Re: Adrian Broner fans tell me what's suppose to impress me about Broner?

Originally Posted by DoctorIron View Post
I keep hearing how he's this monster who everyone's afraid of who beats up
everyone and will one day rule 6 divisions.

He goes life and death wih Daniel Ponce de León

Is fighting some 5 foot midget

Ducking the entire 140 by refusing to go up despite the fact he's clearly a 140 fighter.

Leaves himself open to get hit way too much.

"Makes re**** noises when he swings."

So tell me what's gonna stop someone like Lucas or Garcia at 140...f rom taking his god damn head off the moment he steps up?
The re****ed noises remark one had me dying but so true it's as bad as devon grunting if not worse.As for ducking 140lbs can't honestly blame anybody who thinks that, the guy easily rehydrates up to 150lb+ he has admitted this numerous times & even boasts about being much bigger than his opponents(147lb Guerrero included).Talented/skilled no doubt just vastly over hyped.6 divisions? ....never that.Should've started @ 135lb or 140lb & moved up to as highest 154 considering he has the frame.But started @ 130lb even though struggling making weight.Has clearly stated he will only go up to 147lb,doesn't want to test the waters @ 154lb one day like his idol floyd.Not overly impressed like some of these clowns though,don't know what the hoopla is all about .
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