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Default Re: Assistance exercises for the big four.

Originally Posted by Melchior View Post

I'm doing a two day version of 5/3/1 to supplement to my sport.

Day 1:
Assistance exercises.

Day 2:
Assistance exercises.

My problem is that I have zero clue what to do as assistance exercises. So far I've been doing some pulling to balance out the pressing and some core work.

So basically my question is what assistance exercises should I do? How many reps and sets? and how should I progress on the assistance?

Also if anyone have some good advice/exercises to help with bad posture (anterior pelvic tilt, forward rounded shoulders) it would be great.

Thanks everyone!
Looking at that, I'd say Day 1: Bent Over Rows (Back & Biceps), Day 2: Pull Ups (Back & Biceps), Day 1: Weighted Dips (Chest & Triceps), Day 2: Tricep Press (Chest & Triceps).

For Core I'd do 5 x 10 Leg Raises on Day one. 5 x 10 Dragon Flags on day 2. Remember that Deadlifts and Squats are some of the best core exercises there are. Bench Press and Over Head Press also hit your core and lower back too

Did you see my strength post? You could do that using 5/3/1 protocols quite easily. It is a bit more volume, but covers all bases.
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