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Default Re: Assistance exercises for the big four.

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
Add facepulls/rear delt flyes. The bench and OHP will hammer the anterior delts, so I'd say through in 3/4 sets of facepulls ~10 reps.

Also, for anterior pelvic tilt, this video has some good info. Skip to the minute mark to avoid some annoying BS intro:
Thanks man!
Should I add assistance exercises for squat and deads?

Originally Posted by Aplin View Post
Looking at that, I'd say Day 1: Bent Over Rows (Back & Biceps), Day 2: Pull Ups (Back & Biceps), Day 1: Weighted Dips (Chest & Triceps), Day 2: Tricep Press (Chest & Triceps).

For Core I'd do 5 x 10 Leg Raises on Day one. 5 x 10 Dragon Flags on day 2. Remember that Deadlifts and Squats are some of the best core exercises there are. Bench Press and Over Head Press also hit your core and lower back too

Did you see my strength post? You could do that using 5/3/1 protocols quite easily. It is a bit more volume, but covers all bases.
I'm really not that accustomed to lifting, so I'll give the programme you suggested in your second post in this thread a pass.

What about assistance for squat and deads and how should I add facepulls, as JDSM suggested?

So it'll look like this:

day 1:
bent over rows
leg raises.

day 2.
tricep press
dragon flags.

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
What's this 5-3-1 program - tell me more
It's slow progress but good if you other sports alot.

This link explains it very good:

I'm doing this:
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