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Default Re: I'm a boxer; any questions about boxing let me know?

Originally Posted by StillWill View Post
Describe the transition from amateur to pro if you wouldnt mind mate
The biggest difference is you can take your time more. It's not as frenzied.

You have got a decent amount of time to settle - whereas in the ams you have about a minute then you've got to be taking control.

Everyone can punch hard- even the journeyman. They all know how to fight - whereas in the ams you'll come across people with glaring deficiencies at least at area level.

The money was a great bonus at times but I fought for free on more then one occasion just because I hadn't done enough tickets etc.

I'd go back to the amateurs even now if I could. What I would say is that people get to 22 and retire from the ams because they can't quite cut it. Keep it going its a great sport and your always learning.
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