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Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
How is that schooling if you can go to boxrec or the ring and view the ages of current boxers and most of them just start getting into the mix when they are over 30. You proved that NFL fighters are old past 30, so what? You lost the argument long time ago.
It's a schooling because you have no response to the point that the division is softer and the fact fighters fight less often and against softer comp much of the time. Its this that allows them to compete longer, not some magical potion that lets todays heavies hit their prime later.

I also follow soccer and most soccer players are old at 28(no matter bad or good players), how does it relates to boxing?
Also, number 8 actually proves my point, that athletes age differently in every sport. Not sure why you wrote that, just to humiliate yourself even more? I think you just copied it from my post, cause I wrote the same thing to prove you wrong. You are obviously mentally challenged or something like that.

It doesn't relate to boxing, it relates to human beings. As I've stated, the body doesn't stop aging because someone boxes. And you've been caught lying now if you say that you wrote number 8 and it proves you didn't even bother reading the links I supplied because I copy and pasted it from that.

By the way, still waiting for you to provide a link saying boxers age differently than other athletes. Whats the hold up?
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