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Default Re: Was Calzaghe's masterclass V Roy Jones the most . . . . . . .

Originally Posted by skier47 View Post
It was an awesome performance by Joe. He showed he had the same speed and reflexes of Roy Jones Jr. but far better overall boxing skills and fundamentals. Joe was 37, Roy 39 so the whole young vs. old warrior was total bull. Joe had fragile hands when they fought and Roy wasn't quite the athlete he used to be. Both guys were older fighters but Joe proved who was the better man, fighter and warrior when Roy finally had the guts to face Joe.
Time and sensible boxing historians who now and in the future will not all be U.S. based will rate the undefeated fighter Joe Calzaghe as a top 10 all-time great fighter. Greats like Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Chris Eubank freely acknowledge Joe as one of the greatest boxers they have ever seen. Joe Calzaghe is an all-time great fighter along the lines of Sugar Ray Leonard and Sugar Ray Robinson and should be recognized as such by a this website as such. Unfortunately, there a a lot of anti-white posters on this excellent boxing site who love to disparage the credentials of great caucasian fighters like Joe Calzaghe, Vitali and Wlad Klitschko, etc. and get away with their racial hatred. How many times have we all seen the vile racist term "white boy" levelled against a caucasian adult male fighter and no consequences follow. Racism sucks regardless of the target. Let's kick off all the racist scum who post on this site regardless of race.
I would actually place Joe higher than Robinson and Ray.

They suffered losses, and Joe was never beat. So they can't have been as good can they?

It's a toss up for me, on who was the greatest ever fighter.

It's either Joe or Marciano.

Marciano had 3 more fights, but Joe has a great tattoo.

It's a tough one.

I'd say if they'd have fought, Joe's workrate would have pulled out the win.

Nobody could match his workrate, and his stamina.

Don't get me wrong, Marciano would be dangerous, because he had a bit of power, but it wouldn't have been enough in my opinion.

All things considered, I think Joe has to be the greatest fighter in history.

Aint nobody knocking Veit out like he did!

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