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Default Re: Wilder = A KO Waiting to Happen....

Originally Posted by Brighton bomber View Post
True that being overweight doesn't mean you can't punch, infact the extra weight probably adds to the power if you have decent speed, like Arreola or Ruiz Jr.

But Wilder should naver have been caught with the punch in the first place. He is reckless and is there to be hit. Maybe it's because he's facing opponents he could KO blind folded and just has no fear.

I think Wilder has natural ability but is being poorly handled. He's learning nothing by facing guys like Greer.

Some would say he is taking a lot of hate, I would say the pressure is mounting for him to step up. If he keeps facing no hopers then the pressure will keep building for him to step up.

He's in his 5th year as a pro, at 27 is in his physical prime and has had 27 fights. He should have stepped up 10 fights ago but hasn't his career is in a holding pattern until he can prove he can fight beyond this level.
It looks like Wilder's consistently poor opposition have led to him becoming ****y and overconfident in his abilities at the expense of learning basic fundamental skills. Rather than showboating and leaping around the ring against guys he could KO in his sleep he should be working on tightening up his shots, improving his footwork, sorting out his defence, things like that. He can't do this because his opponents are so overmatched that they fall down at the slightest touch. Because of this, twenty seven fights in he still has horrendous flaws that will be exploited by the first live body he meets.

The more he continues to fight no hopers, the older he gets and the more ingrained such bad habits become. When he ever does fight someone who can take advantage of his flaws it will come as a big shock to him, and probably come too late to really fix. Better to find out you limitations early so you can work on them while you still can.
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