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Default Re: I'm a boxer; any questions about boxing let me know?

Originally Posted by pecho26 View Post
Did you ever worry about long term effects of boxing or were you ever: **** me,what if something happenes in my fight?(knocked out pretty bad or something like that).
When i was in depression 1,5 ago(not anymore)cause of lots of things that plagued me bad(that and my dad died cause of hereditary spinocerebellar ataxia,so i saw him getting worse every day).
When your a kid - or me at least. My personal well being came second to my dreams- it was only when my kids came that I started to really enjoy life and that's when I started to worry a little about long term things. I was never bothered about getting KO'd I knew I had a good chin and it was unlikely to happen.

I have being lucky injury wise- broken hands, broken nose, a little bit of forgetfulness that's it really. I didn't really get hit too much. 61 fights that's not bad - plus all the sparring.
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