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Default Re: Did Arguello really spark Legra in the 1st round?/Did Marcel cheat Arguello?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Or is his then trainer getting things a bit muddled?

From the posthumous Arguello biography;

Do we have a report that Arguello stopped Legra in the 1st? Apologies but I didn't renew my newspaperarchive subscription this year. I've got footage of bouts listed as 'KO' before and found them to sometimes be erroneously listed, with the fighter actually being pulled out between rounds.

By the way the same guy is also quoted later on as saying Marcel didn't make the weight for his defence against Alexis...but from what I can gather he wasn't there and is telling it second hand. EDIT: Apparently he was in Panama as he threw Alexis' trainer out in the mid-rounds and took over...billy bull**** perhaps?? HOWEVER Arguello weighing in at 122 has always seemed a bit suspect to me, and with Marcel fighting at super feather around this time and this being his last fight....where the scales a bit dodge? If Marcel was 129-130 that would make Arguello 126 or so, which seems plausible actually.

The book is very biased from what I've read, but it does say that Marcel quit boxing due to his Mum asking him to. Take it with a pinch of salt but it's as plausible an explanation as we've heard, she musta' just wanted to see his 5'7 ass give basketball another shot
Don't know about the official weights but if you watch the tape if anything it looks as if Arguello is a weight class above Marcel.

Of course, he did that on the regular against just about every one.
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